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Unique content is key to online search results and setting your practice apart from the others.

Consistent, fresh content is the most important aspect of your web presence. Market Managers provide blog, website, social media content to keep you competitive.

Google and other search engines do not like content farms that repeat content across 50 sites. Your content has to be unique to your practice’s philosophy and mission. Search results from your original content will rank higher and get more visibility. It will also stand out as informative and unique to your expertise.

Market Managers provides content for your website, Facebook, blog or to advertisers seeking more definition on your business. We can also write press releases for local and national media.

Testimonial on Content:
Chris Winterholler, DDS
“Sharisa is doing my marketing and is what really got me going. She understands Google AdWords better than anyone I know. And she wrote my entire practice website and was the liason between the Web designer and myself. Having done 4 web sites they can drive you to drink and often times end up a complete waste of time. Sharisa streamlined the process and got my SEO firing like no one else ever did. …..Good Job Sharisa.”

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